Organisational structure

The detailed organisational structure of the CNMDR is shown in separate document (organisational chart).

Briefly, it is formed by its own organisational units and contracted organisational units. The network consists of 9 Donor centres (blood transfusion services) dispersed across the country which supervises the network of recruitment centres. The Registry has contracts with 1 collection centre (JACIE accredited, University Hospital Pilsen) and 7 Transplant centres in Czech Republic. The Registry is currently connected via EMDIS with ZKRD Germany and UK registry, Italy, NMDP, Denmark and France the connection with other registries is in progress.

CNMDR’s own organisational units are as follows:

  • Board of Directors and Supervisory Board and Professional Management of the Organisation
  • Medical Board + Group of Medical Consultants
  • Coordination Centre (Search Coordinating Unit)
  • HLA Laboratory and DNA Depository
  • Finances and Accountancy

CNMDR’s contracted organisational units are as follows:

  • Donor Centres (9) + recruitments centres
  • Collection Centre (1)
  • Work-up Centre (1)
  • Transplantation Centres (7 in Czech Republic)
  • Group of Independent Experts
  • IT Group